Meet the founders


Since Polly's introduction to the world of hospitality in a traditional Surrey restaurant, she has accumulated over 7 years of experience working at private events throughout the South. Currently, she's expanding her knowledge juggling work at an award-winning wine merchant and the equally acclaimed, "best bar in Surrey" (Muddy Stilettos, 2019). Polly is also a fully qualified mixologist with an international bartending diploma from the European Bartending School, Phuket. 

Polly's interest in cocktails and travel go hand in hand; enjoying cocktails which use experimental and innovative flavour combinations from around the world. A cocktail containing ginger, coriander or chilli in practically any formation will undoubtedly spark Polly's interest. Otherwise, she prefers a longer, slightly sweeter but well-balanced cocktail.


Joe's worked in a range of different cocktail bars and restaurants up and down the country, all with different styles, menus and clientele. Having started working his way through the cocktail bars of South London, he spent last year working in a top-class luxury speakeasy bar in Leeds. More recently, he has been working with an event company across London to deliver corporate parties.

Joe's been working on expanding his palette since he had a tongue, getting behind the bar at the earliest opporunity. He likes his cocktails short and sharp, served professionally in a dimly lit jazz club. Favourites include anything Italian, bitter, and grape-based, but he's also partial to pink and flowers.